Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 2015 Braces OFF and Date Night

Big day for this kid :) phase one of braces complete.... Only $1500... He won't be excited in a couple years to get them back on and cost us another $4,500! Can't wait lol really thrilled that all my kids look like they will need them! Tax season is rough on our family every year. Jim works pretty much every day from January until April when the deadline is over. We try to meet and do dinner or dinner and a movie if we aren't too tired. Thankfully NeyNey is willing to watch the kiddos, usually on Friday nights. Since she works all week and her first night off is Friday, she likes just hanging at home and going to bed early. Works for us! We rarely take photos of ourselves. Luckily I was able to take a quick "selfie" of our date. We went to Oswego movie theatre and watched the Wedding Ringer. I finally got to sit in the comfy new (not so new but every time I went I never got to sit in them) recliner seats! They were so nice, I never want to sit in another regular seat again! My dad would have loved them! Usually our dates are spur of the moment and just us. I love the time we spend together.

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